You Will Never Look Like That

Renae Nicole
6 min readAug 7, 2020

And why that’s okay!

When I was stuck in my eating disorder, I often longed to look like supermodels, bodybuilders, or professional athletes. I thought if I could just look like that, I would be happy. I put all my focus on trying to get their “body” or their “look.” An image of the perfect Renae began to form in my head. The more I struggled, the more unattainable that image became. I moved the goalposts, so I couldn’t ever possibly reach them. Until one day, I realized I would never make it.

It was discouraging because I had been striving for this “goal” for a long time. After three years of wanting, I didn’t surrender easily. Every skipped meal, every refusal of dessert was now a wasted sacrifice, but the more I learned about health and body size, the more I realized I would never look like that.

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I will never look like that — the perfect image in my head. And neither will you. That perception is impossible to obtain and let me explain why.

First, there are certain traits that some people have because of genetics. Do you covet Chris Pine’s icy blue eyes? Every model’s long, toned legs? Sofia Vergara’s curves? Well, those are genetic; you couldn’t have them even if you did everything they did.

Have you ever watched an interviewer ask celebrities how they got their glowing skin or flat tummy? Whatever the personality tells you, it’s not the whole truth. Jennifer Aniston might say her skin is a result of this product or routine, but that’s how she maintains her complexion, not how she GOT her flawless appearance. The truth is, she was born with it.

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Second, the dedication it takes to look like that isn’t possible for the average person. Do you know how long it takes to prepare for a bodybuilding show? A year. And that’s for a person who is already in shape. If the average, size twelve women wanted to do a show, it might take two or three years to prepare.



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