Who’s President Isn’t the End of the World to Me

Renae Nicole
2 min readMar 12, 2021

I say this as a person who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but I did in 2020:

The president of the United States isn’t the end of the world to me. If Hillary had been elected in 2016, I would have graduated, moved to Kansas City, and gotten married.

Yes, I would have paid more in taxes. Yes, more abortions would have taken place. Yes, my family of farmers would have struggled. But ultimately, we would have survived. And we will persist for the next four years no matter the president.

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Because my hope isn’t in the president, my hope is in God, our Savior, and my relationship with Jesus. It has been the same for the last seven years — through Obama and Trump, but more importantly through patching connections, developing my career, and finding a husband.

No one can steal my faith from me. It is more important to me than anything else. President. Covid. Anything.

To the people who are waiting for Trump supporters to throw tantrums and riot in the streets, we aren’t, and we won’t. Do you know why? The everyday American knows the president doesn’t control our lives. The average Christian knows where their hope lies. We haven’t put all our hopes into the presidential election.

It isn’t a be-all-end-all for us.

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To the people trying to rub it in our faces that Trump lost, you aren’t going to get the reaction you want out of me. I’m sad that the person I voted for didn’t win, but I’m already planning my future. Our (Republicans/Trump Supporters) reaction is the same as when Obama won,

“Well, shoot. We will try again next time.”

To all the people who voted for Biden/Harris, I won’t stop being your friend. PLEASE don’t stop being mine. I know we have different visions of the future, but that doesn’t mean we stop hanging out, having drinks, or laughing at memes. Because my hope isn’t in politics, politics doesn’t determine who my friends are.

I know that will probably offend some people, but I’m pretty used to it by now. Being a Christian, I tend to offend and be offended often.

Renae Nicole

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