Recover from Your Eating Disorder by Changing this ONE Simple Thing

Renae Nicole
4 min readJan 16

If you have struggled with any eating disorder for any amount of time, you know the frustration. The annoyance of hiding every weird habit. The disappointment of having to make another excuse. All along having the desire to be ordinary and have a normal relationship with food.

Have you been so angry that you threw up your hands and walked away from it all, just to binge the next day because you didn’t know how to fix it? We have all been there: wanting to change, but not knowing how.

What if I told you one simple action could solve all your problems?

You might say, “No way! Just one? There has to be an insanely complicated plan that involves standing on one leg and holding your left ear while drinking greenish-brownish liquid to recover.”

Nope. Just one switch.

Take responsibility for your eating disorder.

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Freedom VS Responsibility

Life has two sides: freedom and responsibility. Freedom is the ability to do or say anything you want. Responsibility is the requirement to do or say something. Accountability is the side of you that builds rules for your life to keep you safe. In many ways, life is a balance between the two.

In the case of your eating disorder, freedom has run rampant. It has allowed you to do whatever you want when it comes to your health. Responsibility is nonexistent, and you can’t say no to anything.

An individual without an eating disorder has created a life balanced between responsibility and freedom. Every time they listen to their body and stop eating when they are full, they fulfill their body’s requirements. These individuals have improved their quality of life because they have taken responsibility for their bodies.

Imagine cows in a pasture. The field has a fence to keep the cows inside. They have the freedom to go wherever they want inside the pasture. The owner built the wall to prevent the cows from walking on the road, not to prevent them from eating the grass on the other side. Fences are built for a reason, and when placed correctly, they are helpful.

Renae Nicole

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