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Renae Nicole
3 min readFeb 6
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What is it?

The Promptly Gratitude Journal is a one-year guided log book. It has six prompts and one exercise every week with a blank page between each week. The blank page is lined and includes a helpful quote.

The prompts are usually questions meant to spur gratitude in the user. Enough space is provided for each item so the user can write a three to four sentence answer. The prompts are specific, whereas the exercise is broader.

How to use it?

The Promptly Gratitude Journal was meant to be used daily, though the book has a space to write the date, so there is some wiggle room. The prompts are set up so one can be filled out each day and should only take a few minutes to complete.


This journal is of high quality. The pages are so thick and durable that my felt tip pen didn’t bleed through the pages. I can’t bend the cover or pull the pages out easily. I have gotten the white part of the cover slightly dirty, but that’s inevitable. I wasn’t able to wash off the dirt.

The spiral binding holds the paper correctly, so it doesn’t fall out. Though the spiral binding makes it difficult to close the journal, sometimes the pages fold in on themselves, and I can’t close the book. It is big enough to hold my pen.

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What I Think

Most of the prompts were historical; in that, they asked you about the past. For example, “What vacation are you most grateful to have experienced?”

Since I’m futuristic, it’s of great benefit to me to remember the past. I think there is an incredible advantage in recognizing the positive aspects of life. The journal reminded me of what has been and that it can be that good again. It made me appreciate how I got to where I am and what I have accomplished so far.

I found myself wanting to fill it out every day. If I didn’t have an answer to a question, I just skipped it. And if I didn’t have much of a response, I didn’t write much down. I never felt obligated to spend hours and hours on my…

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