I’m Not Afraid of Dying, I’m Afraid of Aging

Renae Nicole
4 min readMar 5, 2020

I’m about to turn 27, and that is not old.

This month I will turn 27. Birthdays were never a big deal to me. It’s just another day — I will go to work, hang out with my husband, and watch my shows on my 27th birthday. But after I noticed the crows’ feet appearing around my eyes, I am dreading my birthday. And I started researching anti-aging products — something I didn’t think I would need yet!

I have never been afraid of dying (because I’m a Christain, and I know where I am going after I die), but I have always been afraid of aging. Even though I complained when someone asked if I was in high school, I secretly loved those comments. I want to stay young forever!

Worth by Gender

Why do men always want younger women? Why are young men losers and young women championed? Why do women like older men? Why does a man get more attractive when he has a nice car or an expensive home?

Women are born with their worth and lose it as they age. Men are born worthless and gain it as they age. Fundamentally, women’s worth revolves around their ability to have children and their attractiveness. Men’s value revolves around their ability to make money and provide for others.

It’s what I am going to call Gender Worth Gap.

Before you start yelling at me, this principle is a generalization of men and women. It’s not right all the time! It’s a terrible truth of gender and the difference between the two sexes. The Gender Worth Gap is changing. Women can become independently wealthy and have children later in life. Society champions men in their youth for being attractive and in shape. At any age, men and women can be successful and wealthy.

Everyone, regardless of gender, is expected to be attractive and wealthy at 20.

Women Have It Made

Women’s worth has evolved, especially in America. Women are less likely to die during childbirth, and can survive without a…



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