How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Help With an Eating Disorder

Renae Nicole
5 min readAug 26, 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase: What if you only had tomorrow what you thanked God for today? Regardless of your religion or stance on faith, the statement is pretty powerful. Be thankful for what you have today because you might not have it tomorrow.

That statement describes an attitude of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude is defined as a mental position, feeling, or emotion of thankfulness or appreciation for any benefits received. That mindset facilitates contentment, promotes physical health, enhances sleep, strengthens relationships, and encourages kindness.

Definition of Attitude (Merriam-Webster): a mental position with regard to a fact or state, a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state

Definition of Gratitude (Merriam-Webster): thankfulness, appreciative of benefits received

What does that have to do with your eating disorder? Research shows that this mindset aids in addiction recovery. Though exact methods (how much gratitude, what to be thankful for, etc.) and healing (amount of improvement or growth) is unknown, addicts will recover if they employ an attitude of gratitude.

Often, an attitude of gratitude is the exact opposite of the thought processes surrounding your eating disorder. While your eating disorder thoughts are mostly negative, an attitude of gratitude is widely positive. It’s a great principle to adopt if you want to recover.

Eating disorders are unique to the individual, but one common occurrence is when your disordered eating tells you lies. If we think of an eating disorder as a little devil on your shoulder, it whispers in your ear to keep you trapped in your disease.

With an attitude of gratitude, it can be a little angel on your other shoulder. It will tell you to appreciate the resources available to you and your ability to complete tasks. This angel will encourage you to be…

Renae Nicole

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