Eating Disorder Severity Test

Renae Nicole
4 min readFeb 15, 2022

Do you have an eating disorder? It’s not a simple yes or no question. Eating disorders aren’t all the same. They come in all shapes and sizes. What fits one person doesn’t fit the next. Take this quiz below to see if you have a problem and how big that problem is.

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How Often Questions (Never = 0; Sometimes = 1; Always = 2)

  1. How often do you think about food throughout the day?
  2. How often do you think about your body size/shape throughout the day?
  3. How often do you eat in secret? Eat by yourself on purpose?
  4. How often do you feel out of control when you eat?
  5. How often do you feel fat?
  6. How often do you feel guilty about eating?
  7. How often do you refuse outings that interfere with your eating habits?
  8. How often do you think about your weight throughout the day?
  9. How often do you compare your appearance to others?
  10. How often have you used inappropriate methods (vomiting, laxatives, etc.) to lose weight?
  11. How often do you wear clothes that don’t fit to hide or deny your weight?
  12. How often do you talk about weight or body image?
  13. How often do you hide evidence of your eating habits (empty food containers, uneaten food, etc.)?

Yes or No Questions (No = 0; Yes = 2)

  1. Do you categorize certain foods as good or bad?
  2. Are you scared of being fat?
  3. When meeting someone new, is weight the first thing you see?
  4. Do you not like seeing your body?
  5. Are you dissatisfied with your body?
  6. Are you dissatisfied with your weight?
  7. Do you fear weight gain?
  8. Have you made food rules for yourself to lose weight?
  9. Does the scale scare you?
  10. Does food scare you?
  11. Have you changed your eating habits drastically to lose weight in the last six months?
  12. Does thinking about your weight affect your mood?
  13. Are you obsessed with calories and/or caloric…
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