Christy Wright, Ex-Ramsey Personality and Future Pastor

Renae Nicole
3 min readJul 1, 2022

I have known about Christy Wright for over three years now. I started with Business Boutique and have gone to her corresponding conference. Her main audience is Christian women who run small businesses. Wright’s material focuses on business but incorporates Biblical morals and advice for problems that women usually struggle with.

An Important Update from Christy Wright

I’m sad that Wright is leaving Ramsey Solutions, but I think the new direction will be beneficial for her! I didn’t have any major problems with Christy Wright; I just didn’t think she is for me. At the last Business Boutique I went to, I felt out of place. I check all her boxes, Christian, woman, and small business owner (ish), but her Business Boutique content doesn’t speak to me.

The biggest gap between the two of us is depth. Wright was very surface level and that’s not because she has to appeal to such a diverse audience of entrepreneurs. I’m referring to her level of gospel knowledge and the amount of Jesus she puts in her material. I need more Jesus!

I work in sales and live off commission; I sell personal training packages and service them. Many people in sales will say anything to make the sale, but I have strict morals and don’t want to compromise them to make money. I need business advice on how to do that.

I understand Wright is not a Biblical scholar and her books aren’t supposed to be C.S. Lewis-type books. I understand that Wright is currently going through seminary and getting a deeper understanding of the Bible, but I feel like she, her Ramsey Solutions content specifically, is trying to avoid being controversial in the Christian community.

I understand why: the niche she has curated is business women who already believe, not necessarily Christians who want a deeper understanding of the Gospel. These women want help with their businesses like how to file taxes, not necessarily moral advice on how to run that business.