Can you complete a triathlon? Compete in the Olympics? Win the Superbowl?

If so, you are probably a world-class athlete.

Can you run a marathon? Keep up with a college basketball player? Complete basic training?

If so, you are probably an athlete.

Can you participate in an organized sport? Can you run a 5k? Do a push-up on your toes?

If so, you are probably in shape.

Can you walk up the stairs without getting winded? Keep up with your children and/or grandchildren? Put your carry-on into the overhead compartment?

If so, you are probably out of shape.

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What does…

I never baked cookies with my grandma. Not that she didn’t bake; her cookies are delicious. For some reason, we didn’t do it together. Nor did I help her with her flower bed, though she has gorgeous plants! I’m sure she read to me, but I probably didn’t sit still long enough for us to finish a book.

When I was a kid, my grandma set up a classroom so we could play school if we spent any time inside. My cousins and I ran around outside doing who knows what, probably messing with tractors or disturbing cows. …

Working at a gym, I cross paths with some interesting people, which leaves me with lots to ponder. The latest conversation had me thinking about community. A member at my gym is from Africa and has lived and worked in the Kansas City area for more than twenty years. He was telling me that America doesn’t have a community.

At first, I agreed with him.

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But the more I thought about it, the more questions I had.

He said that he loved the prosperity of America. After living here for a while, he was able to buy a house and…

Whenever a tragedy takes place, the most common response is: “the victims and their families are in our thoughts and prayers” or “we pray for those affected.” After the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted, “As we continue to hear the news coming out of Boulder, I’m praying for the police, first responders, and those affected by this tragedy.” Twitter users ratioed her, replying to her post more than liking it.

Some of the replies were as follows:

  • “As an elected official who actually represents people in Boulder County, let me tell you what you can do…

Birth is a miracle. From fertilization to birth and everything in between, a woman’s body is amazing. We can grow babies. With the help of genes, a pregnant woman can create a fully formed human in less than nine months. Those genes know what they are doing when they make an embryo develop into a boy or a girl.

A developing embryo doesn’t begin to differentiate into a boy or a girl until the seventh week of development; before this the embryo is referred to as bipotential. Though it is bipotential, the correct genes are already in place.

The developing…

4 out of 5 stars. I love Jamie’s authenticity; I could feel her leap off the page. Though my values don’t fully align with Jamie’s, I would recommend Believe It to other entrepreneurs.

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“My gut told me that women were sick of seeing airbrushed images of people who didn’t look like them promoting products that didn’t work.” pg. 5

“Our WHY, or mission as a company, was to empower all women to believe they are worthy and beautiful and to shift the culture around inclusivity in the beauty industry, which in turn would shift culture everywhere!” pg. 12

Jamie’s first…

Pixie gave a long sigh as she walked up the steps to the courthouse, her pink hair blowing in the wind. She had decided to wear her short black dress, pink leggings, and a navy blazer today. The dress covered the Tinkerbell tattoo on her chest and made her plus-size frame curvier. Her giant rings clicked on the door handles of the courthouse as she swung its door wide.

Pixie dragged her feet to the fourth floor as she always did at the beginning of each month. She used to make this journey with her friend, Laquisha. Laquisha always made…

Suzanna pulled a basket from the stack and readjusted her crossbody purse. She strolled into the grocery store, gray Toms slapping on the white tile. Her friends made fun of her because all she bought was gray: a gray purse, gray shoes, gray shirts.

“But then all my outfits already match!” Suzanna would respond.

Her friends would laugh and let her borrow a pretty pink dress whenever they went out. They would tell her she looked good in red and royal blue; it matched her chocolate brown hair and pale complexion, but she didn’t listen. Gray was her color.


Greta rushed up to the desk and pulled out all her paperwork.

The Asian man across from her typed for a few moments as the song on his computer changed from Salina Gomez to K-Pop. The man wore a button-down shirt and ripped jeans. Greta put her papers on the desk. The man bobbed along to the music and started to sing to himself as he clicked a few times with his mouse. Greta glanced to the desk to her right; an Indian woman dropped the paper she was going to photocopy. She glanced to her left as a white…

“You and your husband have something special.” the nurse told me as she wheeled me into surgery. I said thank you before she replied, “That’s hard to find these days.”

I didn’t think much of this conversation because 1) I was about to have surgery, so my focus was on something different entirely, and 2) my parents often compliment my husband and me this way. Our parents often say, “You guys really love each other.”

Upon reflection, I recognized the profoundness of this nurse’s words. She only spent a few seconds with my husband and me. …

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Author and Blogger. Trying my best to be an authentic Jesus Follower. Daughter of Athena, Gryffindor, Cat Lover, Currently working on: Beauty in the Ashes

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